Configuration > Product Expiration

Please find the overview of the Product Expiration block under Configuration settings below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Configuration can be found under IntelliCart > Settings > Configuration.


1. Enable Seats Expiration

Enable this box to hide the Key column from Sales > Seats tab, and add an ability to edit seats expiration date, so that when this date comes, user's seats and course enrollments become suspended, and they will need to by more seats to keep the enrollment.

2. Enable time on seats expiration

Enable this box to add an ability to set up the seats expiration time in addition to the seats expiration date. 

3. Enable Seats Enrollment

Enable this box to add the ability for admins and managers to manually enroll users to seats under Sales > Seats > [Seats Details for seats purchasing].

NOTE: Vendor Managers could manually enroll only users from their vendor.

4. Clean Seat after Unenrollment

Coming soon!


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