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Please find the overview of the Subscriptions block under Configuration settings below.

NOTE: IntelliCart Configuration can be found under IntelliCart > Settings > Configuration.


1. Enable Subscription

Enable this box to add an ability to select the billing type for product (recurring (subscription) or regular payment). Enabling this feature will also add a Subscriptions tab to Sales, where you as an admin can review, expire or cancel all subscriptions in your LMS system. Your users will also get the My subscriptions tab on their navigation menu, where they can also review and cancel them.

NOTE: Not all payment systems allows you to pay for the subscription. 

2. Subscription suspend threshold

Add the number of weeks/days/hours/minutes (it's up to you!) for which the customer can pay for the subscription after its expiration day. 

I.e., you set up this setting for 10 days and user subscribed for a product with monthly recurring period. When the day for a payment comes, but the user can't pay for this, his subscription gets a "Suspended" status for 10 days, when he won't have an access to courses in this product. But he still has an ability to pay for it. If he won't pay during these 10 days, user's subscription will get an "Expired" status and then should be bought again.

3. Subscription notification threshold

Add the number of weeks/days/hours/minutes (it's up to you!) for which the customer will get a notification (an invoice for users who pay via invoice) to renew subscription before its expiration day. 

I.e., you set up this setting for 3 days and user subscribed for a product on February, 27 with monthly recurring period. He will get a notification on March, 24 (3 days before March, 27) with a new invoice for recurring payment.

4. Enable Subscriptions Coupons

Enable this box to add an ability to apply coupons in subscription purchasing.


5. Show total subscription price over whole period

Enable this box show total cost of the subscription over product lifetime instead of cost per billing cycle. It doesn't affect the amount billed to the customer. Notice that this only affects products with set number of billing cycles (1, 2, 3, etc., not zero). 

I.e., you have set up a product price to $230 per month with 5 recurring periods (top left picture). This feature will show the total price that customer have to pay over the hole period ($230 x 5 months = $1150 - top right picture). But customer still will need to pay $230 in a month (bottom picture). This feature just shows him the total price he'll have to pay.


6. Enable subscriptions enrollments actions

Enable this box to add Subscription expiration action and Subscription cancellation action settings to product editing page that will allow you to define what to do with product enrollment when subscription expires or cancelled by user or admin (if available).


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