CANVAS - Will I still be able to log a Communication for a student with pending enrollment?

NOTE: The feature described in this article is ONLY for users who are on Canvas LMS.

Before you get started... 

  • You should have InAttendance + InContact enabled for your account (contact with your Account Executive for that or email to
  • You should have Stored Logs function enabled. To enable this feature, click HERE to know how.
With the 24-48 hour Canvas data portal delay, IntelliBoard has created a solution - STORED LOGS to support your continuous Communication tracking efforts!

So what are Stored Logs?

Stored logs allow you to continue to log a Communication for students who have not yet shown up inside of InContact using their SIS ID and course. These logs will be stored in a separate tab "Stored logs" which will automatically shift to "Communication" tab once the student populate in InContact.


Step 1: Create a stored Communication for pending student.

Click on + stored logs". A separate window should pop-up.


Step 2: Write a Communication.


1. Session Date

Date of the Communication
If you wish to change the date, click on the current date and select the desired date.


Enter the SIS ID of the pending student.

NOTE: In order for feature to work, ensure the correct SIS ID for the student is input here.

3. Text Box

Type your Communication message here.

4. Emoji

List of Emoji icons that can be used for the message.

5. Select Course

Select the course that the pending student will eventually be enrolled in.

NOTE: In order for the feature to work, ensure the correct course is selected here.

6. Select Communication Type

Label the Communication type such as email, web call, phone and monthly call. You can select multiple Communication type to best describe the log.

7. Attempted

Check to indicate a failed Communication attempt. The Communication type label will appear in red. 

8. Ok

Save the Communication.


Step 3: Review the stored Communications. 

Click on the "Stored Logs" tab.


1. Student SIS ID

The SIS ID of the pending student

2. Stored Communication logs

The stored logs created for the corresponding pending student

3. Delete function

Click on the trash can icon of the corresponding stored logs to delete it.


NOTE: The stored communication logs will be processed once every 24 hours daily. Once the pending student populates within InContact, the stored logs will shift from "Stored logs" tab to "Communication".


For more information about Stored Log function, click HERE.


For additional assistance, please email

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