FAQs - InContact


1. I am not able to find a student in InContact.

  • Please confirm that the student has been enrolled in the course.
    (NOTE: For Canvas, there is a 24-48 hours data processing delay)
  • If not, contact your LMS administrator to verify the student has been enrolled to the appropriate course or the student need to be added to the course.

2. I do not need to see the previous term/semester courses in InContact anymore. Can you remove them from my view?

  • Please contact your IntelliBoard administrator regarding this request.

3. Some of the Communication types listed are not relevant to me. Can you remove them?

  • Please contact your IntelliBoard administrator regarding this request.


1. (For Moodle) I want non-teaching staff such as Deans and Counselors to be able to access InContact.

  • Simply an IntelliBoard account for these users! Click HERE to learn how to.
  • Once the account is created, the user will be able to access InContact from Moodle and see the necessary information based on their IntelliBoard account's permission settings.

Stored Logs Feature (Only applicable for Canvas LMS)

1. When do the Stored Logs get processed and moved over to Communication tab?

  • The Stored Logs are processed once every 24 hours daily, at 6:00 am based on your time zone. 
  • Logs will be moved over to Communication tab if the pending Student has populate in InContact after Canvas data processing. 

2. Can I change the frequency of the Stored Logs being processed? 

  • Unfortunately, no. The frequency of this is not customizable. 

3. What will happen if I input an incorrect SIS ID and/or course for the student?

  • The Stored Logs will still be saved. 
  • BUT when the Stored Logs are processed, the logs with incorrect SIS ID and/or course will remained and not moved to Communication tab as the system would not be able to find a student with matching SIS ID and course. 
  • It is recommended to verify the correct SIS ID and/or course are input before saving the logs.

4. Why is my Stored Logs never move to the Communication tab?

  • The system is not able to find a matching student with the SIS ID and course input. 
  • Please verify that the correct SIS ID and/or course are input for the logs.

5. I have a bunch of Stored Logs that are incorrect and I do not want to see it anymore. Can the system remove them automatically? 

  • Unfortunately, no. The system will not remove any Stored Logs. 
  • You can manually deleted the Stored Logs that you do not want anymore by click the trash can icon of the corresponding logs.

6. Can I log all my Communications using Stored Logs function even if my students are already showing up in Communication tab?

  • No. The purpose of Stored Logs function is to store Communication logs for students who have not yet populate within InContact due to Canvas processing delay. 
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