Release Notes - All Platforms - 13 June 2021

Page Updated: 13 June 2021

Scheduled Release: 13 June 2021

IntelliBoard Plugin Version for Moodle: 2021060608

WAR File/Building Block Version for BB Learn:

  • BBL 3400+: 1.4.16
  • BBL 3300:

New Features!  

  • Ability to synchronize Tenant admins and vendor managers (IntelliCart for Moodle Workplace)
  • Ability to specify alternative checkout URL (IntelliCart)
  • Ability to link sessions with Moodle course (IntelliCart)
  • Ability to auto-approve requests has been added for Application Pre-Approval mechanism (IntelliCart)  
  • Certification feature has been added (IntelliCart) 
  • Note: We're hard at work on IntelliBoardNEXT! Stay tuned for an update of new features and enhancements for all IntelliBoard clients! 


  • Competency Dashboard performance (Moodle)

  • Courses Tab on Instructor Dashboard performance (Moodle)

  • H5P activity type mapping improvements (Moodle)

  • Quiz reports optimizations (Moodle)
  • Student Progress Monitoring performance (Canvas)
  • Due date mapping change in "X Days Until Due Date" Notification (Moodle)
  • Aggregate Site Visits by Day an Hour Monitor performance (Moodle)

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