How to Create a Communication

Select the course(s) that you wish to log Communication for.

Click on the for the student you wish to create a Communication for. 

A separate window should pop-up (as seen below).

1. Student Name

Name of the student you are logging the Communication for.

2. Date

Select the date for the Communication.

3. Behavior

Select student behavior type such as disengaged, disruptive and lacked focus. You can select multiple to best describe the behavior.

4. Text Box

Type your Communication message here.

5. Emoji

List of Emoji icons that can be used for the message.

6. Communication

Select the type of Communication such as email, web call, phone and monthly call. You can select multiple Communication type to best describe the log.

7. Data Points

You are able select student course performance information such as grade, last submission, last submission grade and time spent to be included in the message..

8. Attempted

Check to indicated an unsuccessful Communication attempt. The Communication log will be marked in red. 

9. Completed
to indicated a successful Communication attempt. The Communication log will marked in green. 

10. Ok

Save the Communication.

11. Cancel

Cancel the Communication.


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