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Course Detail Optional Fields are fields that are related to Course(s) and are configured in the LMS system. Course Detail Optional Fields are available under Personalize report


From the report go to Personalize Report > Edit in the top right corner. Enable needed columns from Course Detail Optional Fields. On this page you can also allow searching by Course Detail Optional fields in the report. For more details click here.

Course Full Name: The course full name as entered in the LMS

Course Short Name: The course short name as entered in the LMS

Category ID: The category ID as entered in the LMS

Course ID Number: The course ID number as entered in the LMS

Course Start Date: Start date of course as entered in the LMS

Course End Date: End date of course as entered in the LMS

Course Visibility: Course visibility as selected in settings in the LMS

Course Category Name: Course category name as entered in the LMS

Number of Activities within the Course: Number of activities that are included in the course in the LMS

Course Tags: Tags that were added to course in the LMS 
NOTE: If you enable searching for this column, you'll be able to search by multiple tags in one time. For this, put tags into the search box dividing them by coma (",").

Course Level Role: User's role at the course level

User System Roles: User's role(s) at the system level

Enrolled By: Who enrolled the user in the course

Course Teachers: Intructors in the course

IntelliCart Vendors: Vendors assigned to the course (when using IntelliCart)


NOTE: Course Custom Fields will be shown in the block of field above this one.

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