InAttendance & InContact: Can I Customize the Homepage for LTI?

Note: This setting function is only available to the IntelliBoard main account. 

Step 1:

From IntelliBoard account, go to InAttendance + InContact > InAttendance + InContact Settings > InAttendance + InContact Connections


Step 2:

Click on the gear icon for your LMS connection.


Step 3:

Under "Show Only", select the following:

Show All: Show all of InAttendance and InContact.

Dashboard: Show InAttendance Dashboard only.

InAttendance Schedule: Show InAttendance Schedule only.

InAttendance Courses: Show InAttendance Course only.

Communications: Show InContact only.

- InAttendance + InContact Reports: Show InAttendance + InContact Reports only.

Step 4:

After selecting, click on "Update" to save the settings.


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