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Before setting up Taxes, you should enable Advanced Taxes in the IntelliCart Settings. Enable this box to get Taxes under the Sales tab on the main admin's dashboard. This setting allows you to add different tax values for different users depending on their User Profile Field(s). I.e., you want to add different taxes for states. 

NOTE: IntelliCart Settings can be found under IntelliCart > Settings tab, OR under Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > IntelliCart.

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1) Search - Search for a specific tax field.

2) Field Name - Name of the tax as created.

3) Category - Category of the tax as created.

4) Field Type - Type of the tax as created.

5) Created - Date and time when the tax field was created.

6) Delete - Delete the selected tax field.

7) Tax Value - Check the numeric value of the taxes (%) and edit or delete them.

8) Multiple Actions - Select several seats purchasing to do the same action for them.

9) Create New - Create a new tax field (see below for details).



Click on Create New button (9) to add the Profile Field which taxes will be sorted by.

After clicking on the Select button you'll be navigating back to the Taxes tab, where you should click on the List button near the added field. There you should select Create New button to add the Profile Field value and a tax for this. You can also import this data from the CSV file by clicking on the Import button from the "Taxes For [Profile Field]" page.

NOTE: Required columns for the CSV file are below (first line is required column names, second line is an example).

ufvalue: taxvalue
NY: 10


ufvalue: Add the field value that should match with the user's Profile Field value.
taxvalue: Add the tax value
 that users will have if their Profile Field value matches with the Field Value.


On the example below users who have "NY" in their "State" Profile Field will need to pay a 10% tax, users with a "NC" in the "State" Profile Field will need to pay a 15% tax, etc.


NOTE: If you add two or more Profile Fields with values inside them, users who's Profile Field values matches with a few of them, will have double/triple/etc. tax. I.e., user is from the "NY" state and from the "IntelliBoard" company, so when he buys product(s), he'll have to pay 20% tax (10% for the "NY" + 10% for the "IntelliBoard").



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