Products with Application Pre-approval - Purchasing and Application

IntelliCart Products with Application Pre-approval force you to purchase a pre-approval product to get an ability to buy the main one. You don't need to find a pre-approval product before. When you try to buy a product that has to be approved first, you'll be immediately redirected to the app pre-approval purchasing page for the selected product. After the product is approved, you'll be able to buy the main product without limitations. Please, find the full guide below.

NOTE: You won't need to purchase an app pre-approval again if you want to buy the product more times.


  • From the Products Catalog find a product you want to purchase.
  • Click on Add to Cart button.
  • You'll be automatically navigated to the Application Pre-approval purchasing page for this product.
    NOTE: On an example below product B is a product you try to buy (left picture), and product A is an app pre-approval (right picture).
  • Select any of the available payment methods and click on Process Payment button.
  • When payment is complete, you'll get a message with an ask to wait until your request is approved.



  • When the request is approved, you will get an email (if it's allowed by your LMS admins). 
  • Approved products will be shown on Products Catalog under App pre-approval tab (if this is enabled in your LMS system), or in the full catalog, as usual, under Categories tab.
  • Purchase a product as usual. Read HERE how to do this.



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