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Search the report by inputting the parameter of interest into the Search box to narrow to a specific data set

Clicking on the options icon on the search box to be able to adjust the search parameter settings. 

1. Case Sensitive

Check if the search parameter is case-sensitive.

2. Whole Word Search

Check to have return search data that only match entire words.

3. Columns

Shows the report columns that the search is looking through. You can toggle off the column that you are not interested in to narrow the search.

4. Matching options

- Exact Match

To return data set that matches the search parameter exactly.

- Search Match

To return data set that contains the search parameter. 

Example: You type in the search box "Support". The data set returned will be any information that has the word "Support".

- OR Search Match

To return data set that contains one of the search parameters. 
Example: You would like to know if the reports contains either Robotics course or Physics course. You will type in the search box "Robotics OR Physics". 



Filters can be found to the right side of the report. Filters are adjusted to the focus of the report where majority of the reports have a default course filter. Other default filters include enrollment status, activity type and user role.

You can also easily add other filter types using the Builder** to further narrow the data set. Check out our Builder Applications sections for inspirations!


**Only available to accounts with Builder permissions.


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