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Clicking on "Columns", you can easily toggle on or off a column to be shown in the report.

**Only available to accounts with Report Builder permissions.

Clicking "Settings > Edit Settings" will further allow you to customize the report!



1. Name

Rename the report to make it more specific for your organization.

2. Description

Include a short description of the report

3. Color

Select a color for the report tile which will appear in your "My IntelliBoard". 

4. Tags

Include tags that best describe the report. The reports will grouped based on the tags which allow easy search in your "My IntelliBoard".

5. Availability

Select the LMS connection that the report is available to. 

6. Cancel

Cancel changes made during editing and return to "My IntelliBoard".

If a user never saves the report and logs out (or is logged out due to session expiration), the changes are not saved. When user logs back in and clicks ‘Edit' on the report with previously unsaved changes, a message with 2 options appears (user can apply previous unsaved changes before editing the report, or discard them).

7. Continue to Preview

Save the changes made and return to editing the report.



8. Report Builder

This section will allow you to further build the default report by adding additional filters, including additional data columns and lastly creating data exclusive to your organization! 

Check out our Report Builder Applications sections for inspirations!


NOTE: Saving changes

When leaving report personalization page without saving or clicking "cancel" button you will be prompted to confirm that your changes will not be saved




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