Payment Types - Setting Peculiarities

Some payment gateways IntelliCart integrates with have their own setting peculiarities different from standard ones. Please, find an overview for each peculiarity below.

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1. Braintree

Peculiarity 1: If Braintree transaction status is not one of listed below, IntelliCart checkout payment status is set as “Waiting for payment“ (not "Rejected").

  • Settled
  • Submitted for settlement
  • Settlement pending
  • Settlement confirmed
  • Settling


Peculiarity 2: Editing page for this payment method contains Merchant Account ID setting.

When this is filled, payment transaction will be created for this merchant account.


Peculiarity 3: Payment form for credit cards (under Cart > Proceed to checkout > Proceed to checkout) contains Payer field for the case when actual parent could differ from the user whom is buying a product. I.e., parent may log in as a child to pay for some product.


2. PayPal

In the case, when a customer is redirected to the merchant site before the order payment status was updated, IntelliCart gives a message to the customer that payment has not been completed yet. It also checks whether or not the status of the order is Completed and confirms a customer about the changes.


3. Stripe

Editing page for this payment method contains Not remove products from cart after click "Process Payment" setting.

When this is enabled, products are not removed from cart after clicking Process Payment button (so, you won't lose your product cart if you decided to pay later than clicked Process Payment button).

When disabled, it works as usual: after clicking button, order sets "Waiting for payment" status, and all products from cart will be removed.



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