Connection: Canvas SQS Service (Part 2 of 2)

The individual configuring the IntelliBoard connection must be an Administrator of Canvas with the full admin permissions from the Top Level Canvas SubAccount.

Before you get started...

  • You must have an IntelliBoard account. 
  • Before you enable Canvas SQS Service, you must make the initial connection.  Please see additional documentation here.
  • To ensure you have visits, time spent, page views and access, we strongly encourage you to set up Canvas SQS Service. 
  • IntelliBoard is aware of Canvas Data 2, and will respond to Canvas Data 2 as it is made available to Canvas Clients. It is anticipated that the Canvas SQS Service will not be needed after Canvas Data 2 is released. 

General Overview

Canvas Live Data/Canvas SQS Service is not required for Canvas clients, but does give additional data sets (Time Tracking Table; Visits; Time Spent; Access) and faster updates than 24 hour processing. 

Additional Information from Canvas can be found here:


Is SQS and Live Canvas the same thing? 

Yes, SQS events and Live Canvas can be used interchangably.


Which SQS Events are supported? 

The following events are supported: 

  • Asset,
  • Assignment,
  • Course,
  • Discussion Entry,
  • Discussion Topic,
  • Enrollment,
  • Grade,
  • Logged,
  • Module,
  • Module Item,
  • Quiz,
  • Submission, 
  • User, 
  • Wiki Page

Step 1: Identify the Canvas SQS Tokens Inside IntelliBoard

  • Edit your Canvas Connection
  • Click on Advanced Settings and open SQS Tokens (Live Canvas Data) 
  • Review the following details:
    URL, Region, Access Key, and Secret

Note the following items are not edittable.  They intend to be copied from IntelliBoard and into your Canvas system when you Subscribe to Live Events.  (See Step 3.)

Step 2: Install Canvas Data Services in Canvas

Please follow the Canvas Support Documentation:
How do I install Canvas Data Services in my account?


Step 3: Subscribe to Live Events in Canvas

Please follow the Canvas Support Documentation:

How do I subscribe to Live Events using Canvas Data Services?


Step 4: Monitor SQS Live Events

You can monitor SQS Live Events by looking at Queue Info.  The Last Import Time should be within the last 4-6 hours of today's date.

Step 5: Click Advanced Processing

Upon initial set up, please click Recalculate All Visits during an off-hour.  This counts historical visits and time spent.  This is only needed one time.  Please contact before processing it a second time.

For additional assistance, please email




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