Dashboard Features - Overview - Intelliboard Next

1. LMS Connection

If you have multiple LMS connections, select the LMS connection you would like to review.

2. Platform Menu

Shows the IntelliBoardNext main navigation menu. 

3. Filter

Show the filters that are available for the dashboard. Don't see the filter you need, you can easily add it to the dashboard!

4. Share

Show the various ways that you can easily to share the dashboard with others. Example through emailing and scheduling.

5. Edit**

Click on "Edit" to go to the editing view of the dashboard.

6. Set as Default 

Set to see this report as your account Homepage.

7. Dashboard Name

The name of the dashboard you are reviewing. You can also give an alternative name to suit your organization. 

8. Dashboard Components

The various components that make up the dashboard which includes bar chart, reports and image. 


**Only available to accounts with Builder permissions.


For additional assistance, please email helpdesk@IntelliBoard.net

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