How to Email a Dataset (On Demand and as an Attachment)


I want to send a dataset via email.

I want to schedule the email, and send a notification with data in the body of the email to certain users.

So you want to get a little fancier?  Perfect!  Check out the Notification Creator documentation here.

To Email a notification (on demand/instantly) with the data as an attachment, follow the steps outlined below.

From any dataset, click the "Share" button, and then click "Email".

This opens a new window to personalize and send your message.


Step 1: Add the recipient's email address.  Additional emails can be added by clicking enter.

Step 2: Edit the subject line, if necessary.

Step 3: Select the attachment type: CSV or XLS.

Step 4: Create and format the message which will appear as the email body.

Step 5: Click "Send" to send the email (or "Cancel" to abort and turn to the dataset.

Note: The email will send the data with the exact filters as was selected in the report.  


What email address sends the notification?

Emails will be sent from    Please allow/accept this email as a Safe Sender for your organization.

Can I change the email that sends the notification?

We are unable to change who sends the email (per best security practice), but you can add an email signature notifying users they should forward their request/reply to the relevant parties instead of replying to

Can I add a signature to my email? 

Yes! We encourage you to create a personalized signature.  Please see supporting documentation here


For additional assistance, please email

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