Using Filters - Overview - IntelliBoard Pro


Filters can be found on the right side of the dataset. Filters drop down may open with multiple options if several filter types are added to a dataset.


Each filter can be expended with its won drop-down where all filtering options can be found


Filters may have search available depending on datatype used for filtering


Results found using search in filters are highlighted with orange.

Filters may allow multi-select by checking off checkboxes and confirming selection with OK button.

Once desired options are selected in filters Apply Filters button should be clicked.


To clear all filters at once Clear button can be used.

To clear specific filters hit the cross button above the respective filter.



Filter Chips available for Table Reports


For Table Report type Filter Chips option is available.

In Builder Edit Mode on Format tab Filter Chips can be enabled.


When Filter Chips are enabled on Format Tab and some options used in filters chips with a summary of what filtering options used in filters will be shown in the table header.


Filter selection can be clear by clicking Cross button on a chip.

Chips are only shown for those filters that are applied.

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