Overview--Start Building Your Own Report/Dashboard/Chart


One of the many exciting features of IntelliBoard NEXT is the Visual Report Builder. Here you can create your own reports by adding columns or data points, filters, and formatting to build a customized data story of your own.


Create New




Click on Create New in the top right corner if you want to create a new report, dashboard, or chart. You will be redirected to the Builder! 


Step 1:

From the main screen click “Create New” button at the top right, and choose what you would like to build (Dashboard, Report, Chart):



Step 2:

Add Name and Description (here you can leverage the description box to give
more information to the user (Instructions, messages about how to utilize the
data, etc):




Step 3:

Choose your visualization:




Step 4:

Choose your connection:




Step 5:

Click: "Go to Report"




You can now start building your own data story:




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