How to Format a Column


With the Visual Builder in  IntellBoard NEXT you, the IB User, has the ability to change the look and feel of a columns textual and background elements. Changing the font size, color, moving a columns position, or renaming a column are all easily accessible through the Format Menu.



Open the report that you where you want to format a column, click "Edit" at the top right of the report.



Select the Format Menu. Here you will see a list of columns that are currently in the report. To the left of the column name is a "grip" for moving the column up or down the list--just click and drag! To the right there is an abacus symbol--click on the abacus to open this column's formatting options.




Once the column formatting is accessed through the abacus symbol, you will see all the options available to change the look and feel of the column text and background.


Move a Column:


To move the column order in the report, simply grab the left-hand "Grip" and drag the column to its new location. The column will move instantly and can be seen in its new location in the Visual Builder preview window.


Rename a Column:




Click the abacus symbol to the right of the column name to enter the format option for the column. At the top of the format options you will see a box with the column's current name--type the new name in this box. You will see the name change in the Visual Builder preview window as you type.


Formatting Column Text:



Select "Cell Text Color" to change the column text color.



Select the toggle next to "Bold" to bold the text.



In the same location you can make the text "Italic" and/or "Underline."



Under "Format Cell General" you can change the "Font Size."


Set Column width limit

Under the Format Cell section find Format Column Width section that allows you to set column width in symbols. 

It might be very useful whne working with wide datasets that include a lot of columns, especially when values in columns are wide. Setting a limit in symbols allows to define number of symbols that will be shown in the table for the defined column followed by "...", which means that data has been shortened according to the limit. Upon hover, full value can be seen.
NOTE: by default limit is set to 255 symbols. Spaces are counted as symbols as well.


Change the Column Background Color:




Click on the swatch next to "Cell Background Color" to change the color of the column's background.


Advanced Options:




Under "Text Options" you will see even more formatting ability: Add a static "Prefix" or "Postfix" to the column text, justification alignment, and data and date formatting.


That's the basic formatting for column text and background. Be sure to check out the Support Page on Conditional Formatting, where you can further format certain text conditions to be highlighted in different colors and pills.












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