How to Add and Use a Date Filter

With IntelliBoard NEXT you can add a Date Filter to any report through the Visual Builder!

Date filters can be applied to any datapoint with a date format in the database.

For example you can create a filter by enrollment starts at, enrollment completed at, or time spent.


Create a Date Filter: Enrollment Starts At

  • Open an existing report and select edit (top right), or create a new report to open the the Visual Builder
  • Select Filter from the builder menu



  • Select "Create"
  • Select "Enrollment Category"
  • Pick "Enrollment Starts At"




Three chart types are available:

Hidden: Create a date filter that filters specified pre-selected criteria in the background

Date: Select a date from a calendar 

Within Date Range: Specify filtering within a date range 




Hidden filter options:




Date Option:




Within Date Range Option:



That's all there is to it! If you need any assistance creating Date Filters just reach out to





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