How to Use Conditional Formatting to Highlight Important Data

With IntelliBoard NEXT Visual Builder not only can you create your own columns and datapoints, but you can apply Conditional Formatting to those columns to make data stand out! 


Let's say you are using an Assignment Submission Report, which has a column called "Days Since."




In this column you can see how many days it has been since the activity was submitted. We can add highlighting based on a specified condition within the column. Here is an example: Maybe you grade any assignment that is submitted between 7-14 days--anything less is not priority to grade--anything over is too late. You can set Conditional Formatting to highlight any day within that 7-14 day range--here's how!


Step 1:

Select the format tab in the builder and click on the abacus next to "Days Since"




Scroll down and select "Conditional Formatting"



Step 2:

Select "New Rule" and "This Column"



For this example select "Between Operator" and add your min and max time designation (These need to be in Hours/Minutes/Seconds)





Step 3:

Scroll to the bottom of the format options and turn on "Pill" and choose a color that will stand out--Save




A new rule is now added! You can also continue to add (stack) rules to highlight the whole data story




Check out your highlighted data:




Now any assignment that was submitted between 7-14 days ago will be brought to the report users attention with this neat visual effect!

Give a try highlighting your own data story and see the cool formatting that you can come up with!

We can also help you through the steps--just reach out to 



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