How to Add/Edit/Delete Student Behavior


InContact gives you the FLEXIBILITY to customise the student behavior to best suit your classroom needs!


To Add a Student Behavior:

Step 1:

From the top navigation bar, go to My IntelliBoard. Under InForm, click on "InContact Behavior Connection: (Your LMS Type).

Step 2:

Enter the student behavior name that you would like to add. Click "Save".

To Edit/Delete a Student Behavior:

Step 1:

At the top navigation bar, click on "Apps" and then "InForm".

Step 2:

From the InForm page, under "InContact Behaviors", click on "..." and then "Show".

Step 3:

From the behavior type that you intend to edit or delete, click on "..." to show the option of Edit or Delete.

  • To Edit: Click on "Edit". Modify the existing behavior name to what you wish to update to and then click on "Save".
  • To Delete: Click on "Delete". A prompter will appear to confirm that you would like to delete the behavior type.

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