Import to InForm from SFTP

Users importing to InForm can provide an SFTP location rather than a file on their local machine, so they can import data automatically that is exported from another system to that SFTP location


Adding an SFTP Connection:

At least one SFTP location must be setup prior to the InForm import

  • Go to My Connections 
  • Select SFTP at the top of the connections list


  • Select "add connection"


  • Add your SFTP information



Import from SFTP to InForm:

You have two options for importing from SFTP to InForm, Import File manually and Schedule Import. 

Import File Manually

In the InForm “Import File” screen, select the option to “Import from SFTP”. This allows the user to enter a fully qualified SFTP location and file name

  • Go to App>InForm
  • Select Import File


  • On the Import to Inform screen select "Import File"


  • Select sftp from drop-down list


  • Add the name and path for the SFTP location


Note: A log is created of the results of operation so the user can check later in case there was a connection interruption or other error during file transfer

Schedule Import

  • Go to Apps>InForm
  • Select Import File


  • In the InForm “Import File” screen, select the option to “Schedule Import”.


  • Select Create 


  • Set up your schedule Import


File Path is a path to the file in the SFTP folder.

InForm Table: you can select New Table or any existing table to import the data to. (If you wish to import data to existing InForm tables, please make sure the new file is in the same format as the initial InForm table import)

Name the table in Table Title

Select the SFTP connection you created in SFTP Connection.

Insert Type: you can select Append to Current Content or Replace Current Content.

You can check the 'On Demand Only' box if you wish to trigger the notification manually. It will not be sent automatically but only on your demand. 

Automate your schedule notification

Use Start Date and End Date to set up a time range, the notification will send automatically within this time range.

Select Frequency of how often you would like to automatically send this notification.

Click Save, you are all set. 


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