How to Add Custom User Profile Field in Builder - Only for Moodle LMS

Before you get started... 

  • You should have access to Report Builder feature for your account. (Contact with your IntelliBoardNext Admin for that.)
  • You should be in "editing" mode for the report that you intend to modify.

Step 1:

From the report that you intend to modify, click on "Edit".

Step 2:

From the report editing mode, click on "Calc" and then "ADD NEW".

Step 3:

Fill in the details for the calculation. 

  • Title: It should be the name of the User Profile Field you are intending to add (example: Gender, Birth Year).
  • Description: A short description of what this User Profile Field is.
  • Calculation Category ID: Select where this calculation should be store. Recommended to be Users Category.

Click "Next".

Step 4:

From the Columns, under "User Profile Field Data Category" and select "User Profile Field Data Data".

Step 5:

No modifier is required. Click "Next".

Step 6:

For the relations, select the following "User Table" and "User Profile Fields Table". Click "Next".

Step 7:

From the filters, click on "CREATE". Then under "User Profile Fields Category", select "User Profile Fields Name".

Step 8:

No modifier is required. Click "Skip".

Step 9:

For the filter setting, click on "Hidden" and then "Operator Equal".


In the Filter Value, enter the name of the custom user profile field. Note that the field name has to be entered exactly how it is in Moodle LMS - it is case sensitive.


Click "Filter Value Confirm".

Step 10:

Click on "Apply Filter".

Step 11:

No additional filters are required. Click "Next".

Step 12:

Here you can make other visual settings for the calculation.  Else click on "Create".

Step 13:

Once the custom user profile field is created as a calculation, you can easily insert it in multiple reports. To insert the data into the report, under layout, click on "ADD FIELD". Under "Users Category" (this is dependent on the Calculation Category ID in Step 3 that you decide to save the calculation in), select the created calculation (i.e. Gender).

Step 14:

The calculation can be added to the report based on your needs as the followings:

  • Calculation As Copy: A copied of the calculation will be added and the copied no longer has connection to the calculation settings (i.e. any future changes made to the calculation will not affect the copied).
  • Calculation As Link: Adding calculation as a link meant that any future changes made to the calculation will affect the added column.

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