Course Grade Distribution

The Course Grade Distribution dashboard combines the Course Grade Distribution chart with the Learner Success and Progress report to give an overview of the learners grade cross the course(s).

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The Course Grade Distribution Monitor is a bar chart shows an aggregate view of learners' grade throughout the LMS system. 


Horizontal: Letter grade

Vertical: Number of users

The Learner Success and Progress report shows the progress accumulated in the course by the student and can be filtered by course. This report is used to identify at-risk learners. 


Full Name: User First Name and Last Name, as entered in the LMS system

Email: User's Email, as entered in the LMS system

Course Role: user's course context role

Course Name: Course name associated with learner in LMS system

Teachers: List of users with 'teacher' or 'instructor' role associated with respective course

Course Start Date: Course start date specified in LMS

Enrollment Date: Date when a learner was enrolled in a course

Enrollment Status: course level enrollment status (active/inactive)

Progress: Learner's progress in a course. Number of activities completed by a user divided by Total number of activities within a course * 100 % 

Raw Point Grade: raw user's grade/score in a course

Percentage Grade: user's course score in percentage

Grade Letter: Letter grade associated with your LMS system's gradebook (i.e. Your system determines whether an "A" is a 90 or a 93)

Completed Activities: The number of activities a learner completed in a particular course

Page Views: Number of clicks (mouse clicks) made by a user in an activity within a course

Time Spent: The amount of time the learner spent in the course in the LMS system

Last Participation: User's last date and time of participation in the course

Last Activity At: User's last date of doing any activity in a course


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