Student Success Dashboard

The Student Success Dashboard provides an overview of the learning status for a learner or a group of learners. It combines a chart of average student grades with Student Progress Monitoring report.

Location: Library> Dashboards 



  • User Full Name: Select specific user or users full name for only that specific user(s) learning progress to appear in the dashboard
  • Course Name:  Select the specific course to appear on the dashboard (i.e. Selecting "Accounting" will only show the user's activity in this course)


  • Filter your data!  Most dashboards include a course filter. Individual components of the dashboard do have their own filters.
  • Share your data via email.
  • Edit columns, calculations, formulas, formatting by clicking 'Edit'.
  • More questions? Check out the IntelliBoard Success Bar! HERE to learn more!

The Student Average Grade is a bar chart that shows the average grade that the learner is achieving across all the selected course(s).


Horizontal: Average Grade

Vertical: Learner's Name


The Student Progress Monitoring Report shows learner's score, progress and activity in courses.


Full Name: Learner First Name and Last Name, as entered in the LMS system

Email: Learner's Email, as entered in the LMS system

Course: Course name associated with learner in LMS system

Category: The human-readable name of a category unit used to group courses or subcategories

Course Grade: The percentage of maximum points assigned by the grader to this course

Enrollment Status: Learner's enrollment status - active or inactive

Percent Completed Activities: The percentage of completed points in the course

Last Submission: The date of the learner's last submission

Last Assignment: The name of assignment learner submitted at the last time

Last Assignment Score: The score learner got by the submitted assignment at the last time

Enrollment Last Activity: Last time learner had any activity in a course


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