Connection: Blackboard LMS using API

Step 1:

From your Blackboard account, go to Admin > (Under Integrations) REST API Integrations.Untitled_design_2_.gif

Step 2:

Click on "Create Integration".Untitled_design_4_.gif

Step 3:

  • Open a separate tab on your Web Browser and Log into IntelliBoard the main subscription email.
  • Click "Integrations".

Under Blackboard API, click "+ Connect".Untitled_design_5_.gif

Step 4:

  • Copy the BBL Application ID
  • Under Connection Information:
    • LMS Name: Please name your new connection
    • URL: Copy and paste the Blackboard Learn URL, including "https://"
    • Client ID and Client Secret Key: Please do not modify those values
    • Set the connection as Active and Confirm the processing hour.


Step 5:

  • Go back to Blackboard and paste the BBL Application ID copied.
  • Learn User: Please search and select any Admin Privileged user
  • Leave the remaining values as default and click 'Submit'


Step 6:

After seeing a Success: Integration created. Message on Blackboard:

  • Go back to IntelliBoard Next and Save the connection
  • You will see 3 green check marks that confirm our new connection is success.
  • A new Learn Authorization page will pop up, please click "Allow" to continue.


Step 7:

  • Set in User filters to filter the Blackboard users you want to see in IntelliBoard.
    • All Users: To show all users in your Blackboard LMS.
    • Active Users: To show only active users in your Blackboard LMS.


  • Set in Course filters to filter the Blackboard courses that you want to see in IntelliBoard.
    • All Courses: To show all courses in your Blackboard LMS.
    • Active Courses: To show only active courses in your Blackboard LMS.


  • Select the Teacher Roles and Student Roles as defined in your Blackboard LMS.



  • Click "Save".

Step 8:

  • Upon saving, it will direct you to the Connection page. 
  • Go to Actions > Edit or Click on your newly created Blackboard connection. 
  • Click on "Process Data" and let it process.
  • As soon as the process ends, click "Go to dashboard"


FINISHED! You are now connected and ready to see all your Blackboard LMS data!

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