Connection: Qwickly

Before starting the connection process, please make sure your Qwickly is connected to your LMS.

Step 1:  From Qwickly admin account

  • From your Qwickly Dashboard, click Manage Instancesmceclip0.png

  • Select the instance you want to connect to IntelliBoard Next


  • Click Data Feeds on the left menu bar



Step 2: From your IntelliBoard Next side

  • From the IntelliBoard homepage, click Integrations

  • Select Qwickly Attendance
    mceclip5.pngNote: at this time, Qwickly only works as a sub-adapter for LMS connections the user has multiple LMS connections, Qwickly will need to be connected to each one separately

  • Select the LMS connection to associate with this Qwickly connection

  • Paste the URL from your Qwickly Data Feed

  • Paste the link that you copied from Copy Download Link under Step 1 into Qwickly Data Feed URL
  • You can find Qwickly Key and Qwickly Secret under Manage Instance



  • Click save

For additional assistance, please email

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