How to Build Cross Tab Reports

Often there is a need to build a report where a number of columns are not persistent but dynamic. The best example would be a grade book, which represents a list of users in a course with all activities as columns and users' grades in them. So a column list in a report would vary from course to course, depending on the activity list there.

In order to start building Cross Tab Report in builder mode select the respective "Table Cross Tab" in "Chart Type Selector":

Cross Tab Table Layout tab consists of a few different components:

  • Vertical Columns.
    an area where static, consistent columns can be added to a report.
  • Horizontal Columns.
    an area where a dynamic column can be added to a report.
  • Values Columns.
    an area where values for horizontal (dynamic) columns can be added.

  • Horizontal Data Sorting.
    which allows picking different data points for horizontal column sorting.
  • Horizontal Data Limit.
    an area where a limit of the horizontal (dynamic) columns can be set (how many columns to display in a report).

STEP 1. Adding Vertical Columns

Click ADD VERTICAL COLUMN and pick the desired column for persistent static columns. Let's say it would be Users >Full Name

NOTE: several Vertical Columns can be added to a report.

STEP 2. Adding Horizontal Columns

Click ADD VERTICAL COLUMN and pick the desired dynamic columns. Let's say it would be Courses > Course Name

STEP 3. Adding Value Columns
and pick the desired datapoint for column values. Let's say it would be Grades > Grade Objects Results Grade Score. Select respective modifier depending on what data you would like to get in a report

At this point, you should be able to preview data in your report and this could be a final step if there is no more requirement for a report.

Please review other articles listed in Cross Tab Reports section on our support portal in order to learn more about additional features available in Cross Tab reports.

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