Certification Participant Status

Certification Participant Status report provides details of each participant in a Certification, including Certification, Program, Certification Start Date and Due Date and Participant Certification Date, Expiry Date, and Status.


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  • Certification: Filter by Certification name, selecting the specific certification.

  • Program: Filter by Program name, selecting the specific program.

  • Certification Status: Filter by Certification Status, select Complete or Incomplete status.

  • Certification Date: Filter by Certification Date, you can choose an exact date, a range, before or after a specific date.

  • Expiry Date: Filter by the expiration date of the certification, you can choose an exact date, a range, before or after a specific date.

  • Next Start Date: Filter by the next start date, you can choose an exact date, a range, before or after a specific date.


  • Certification:  Certification names in this report. 

  • Program:  Program names.

  • Participant: Users who participate in this certificate. 

  • Certification Status: Complete or Incomplete status.

  • Certification Date: The completion date of certification.

  • Expiry Date: The expiration date of the certification.

  • Time to Expiry: The days user has left to the expiration date. 

  • Next Start Date: The next start date for users. 

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