InForm Definition and General Creation Process

InForm is a feature of IntelliBoard Next that provides you with the ability to add the data right inside the reporting tool which will be connected to your existing LMS information. InForm data you enter in IBN won’t be available inside the LMS system; it will only be visible inside your reporting tool. This could be useful for LMS connections where you can’t create custom fields inside the platform but wish to add extra information about your users, courses, and other data entities


Obligatory: you should first select the LMS connection where you’ll add a table. That means the data from the table will be available only for this exact connection.
E.g., you have 2 connections – stage and production. If you selected stage one while creating an InForm table, the data will be available only for this connection. If you wish to use this for the production connection, you should create the InForm table with your production connection selected.

Below is written a general process of using InForm functionality. 

  • Create an InForm Table (manual/importing)
  • Create an InForm Form (automatic step, but you may create your own)
  • Create a Dashboard or a Report to review the entered data (optional)

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